Redout Developer 34BigThings Unveil Gameplay of Spin-Off Project Space Assault

Italian studio 34BigThings are adding dog-fight styled combat in space to the Redout Universe in the first pre-alpha gameplay unveiling of the studio’s next project, Redout: Space Assault. Following on from the highly enjoyable 2016 futuristic racer of the same name, Space Assault is a fully-fledged stand-alone game and will instead take players into space albeit with the same kind of speed and intensity that garnered Redout with plenty of praise prior.

It’s unclear to what capacity and how varied the player’s many combat enocunters will be — or even if these battles form a grander single-player story or campaign — but Space Assault will feature customisation and upgrading of one’s ship as you attempt to protect the people of Earth in their attempt to flee the dying planet, in order to settle on neighbouring planet Mars. Redout: Space Assault is planning to release on PC in Q1 2019.

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