Reflector Entertainment Unveil Debut Game Unknown 9: Awakening

Montreal-based Canadian developer Reflector Entertainment debuted their first game at today’s earlier Gamescom Opening Night, Unknown 9: Awakening. Though all we got was a brief, CGI teaser trailer, what we do know is that Unknown 9 is a third person narrative-driven action-adventure game. Centered around main protagonist Haroona, an orphan raised on the streets of India, Haroona acquires what’s described as Fold abilities, allowing her to see into a mysterious dimension whilst also being haunted by visions of her own death.

The studio also state that Awakening is but one part of a grander cross-media project for Unknown 9 — Reflector aiming to expand what they dub the game’s “Storyworld” through additional stories involving other characters and settings, though it’s unclear if Awakening will remain entirely stand-alone or not. Unknown 9: Awakening is planned to release across PS5, Xbox Series X & PC sometime in 2021.

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