Release Date Announced For Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster

Following the announcement the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters last summer there has been virtually no information about when the 16-bit games would be released, save for some allegedly leaked dates that have since proven to be inaccurate. After months of uncertainty we now have a release date for Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, which be available on Steam and mobile platforms on November 10. Like the previous Pixel Remasters, Final Fantasy V will feature completely remade pixel art by original pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya. The soundtrack, which has been the highlight of the previous Pixel Remasters, has been remixed and overseen by composer Nobuo Uematsu. There are some other quality of life improvements like an auto-battle option, the ability to save anywhere and some bonus content such as a bestiary, art gallery and music player. Those who preorder can enjoy a 20 percent discount, two wallpapers and three Timelapse remix music tracks, which begin playing the music in the original 1992 sound and gradually transitioning it to their modern remix. The three tracks are the main theme of Final Fantasy V, Battle at the Big Bridge and A New World. The first four Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are currently available. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster currently does not have a release date.