Release Date, Battle Mode Announced for Streets of Rage 4

After nearly two years of hype, Streets of Rage 4 is almost upon us. With a rumored release date coming out a few weeks ago and being debunked, it led to the announcement of classic pixel art fighters — so some good came of that. Today, DotEmu once again stacked news on top of news with the announcement of a final release date and the return of battle mode.

Battle mode returns from past games and has been expanded. You now have eight areas to fight in and can still do things like toss folks into glass and smash them up or avoid stage hazards. Beyond one-on-one fighting, you’ll have two on two battles as well — and this should make couch co-op sessions even more crazy. On April 30, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users will be able to enjoy SoR 4 — which is the franchise’s first official entry in 25 years. Befitting the wait time, the game will only cost $24.99 — so it’s $1 per year of waiting to enjoy the newest entry in the beloved brawler series.