Remedy Entertainment is Readying Itself for PS4 Development

Remedy Entertainment appears ready to abandon Microsoft for multiplatform development.

Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment’s exclusive partnership has lasted for over a decade. It began back in 2006 when Remedy agreed to release their next game exclusively on the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms. The partnership provided players with three games; Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and Quantum Break. It’s been a solid decade, but times are changing, and it looks like Remedy Entertainment is ready to expand past Xbox and PC.

Remedy released their financial results for fiscal year 2016, which were positive. Year-over-year revenue increase by 19%, and the company had an operating profit of €3.9 million. That’s good news, as is the fact that the next game from the developer won’t be console exclusive. In the report, Remedy mentions that they are hard at work on a new game project codenamed P7, and that the strategy is to release the game on more platforms. As such, Remedy is developing its Northlight technology for PlayStation 4. While it does not confirm that P7 will be coming to PS4, it does indicate that the studio is ready to move beyond it’s deal with Microsoft.

While bad news for Microsoft, whose list of exclusives grows thinner by the day, it is good news for gamers everywhere. More people will be able to experience the unique worlds and experiences Remedy is known for developing. We’ll let you know when more info on P7 is released.