Remember that PlayStation Event Initiative? Here’s What it Turned Out to Be

Late last month, we reported that an e-mail went out to select PlayStation MVPs inviting them to a secret event in New York City on Friday February 13 to be the first to witness a “new PlayStation initiative.” Taking place at Gotham Hall and attended by celebrities, this event seemed like a big deal and our minds were racing with possibilities for what Sony could announce.

Well, the good news is that there was an event and a new PlayStation Event Initiative was announced. The bad news is that the initiative isn’t all that exciting.

Sony has revealed PlayStation HEROES which will allow players to tea up with their “heroes” to help raise money for charities by purchase digital items through the PlayStation HEROES App. The app can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for free. Every month, a celebrity will be matched up with a gamer, beginning next month with Destiny and Shaun White. The digital items — dynamic themes — serve as entries to win a play-date with Shaun White, all benefiting the Make-A-Wish foundation.

This explains why the event was talked up to be attended by celebrities — not because a groundbreaking announcement was set to take place, but because this new initiative revolves around celebrities like Stephen Curry, Snoop Dogg, Yasiel Puig and the aforementioned Shaun White.

Given that this all turned out to be was a charity event, however, it’s a bit odd that Sony was so cryptic about it. But then again, considering that the event itself was apparently never intended to leak out to the public, it seems that they were simply trying to promote a party more-so than get people hyped.

16 thoughts on “Remember that PlayStation Event Initiative? Here’s What it Turned Out to Be

    • GDC next month as far as I’m aware (I don’t think there’s anything before that).
      That takes place March 2nd to the 6th.

      FYI GDC is where Media Molecule 1st announced LBP, so it’s possible they may announce their new IP officially there.
      Anything could happen really though.

  1. I wish Sony would focus on more important stuff like USB video + picture/image file support, DLNA support, digital PS1 classics functionality (like every other PSN connected PS system; PSP, Vita, PS3), create custom folders & ability to organize atrocious main menu, etc..

    • And…a Campaign Co-op game, stop with all the linear games, and make at least 1 AAA Exclusive 1080p 60fps game for the PS4.

      • Killzone or Resistance campaign co-op would be awesome. I’m keeping my hopes alive for new God of War, Resistance, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot, & Uncharted Trilogy compilation for PS4.

      • You should ask Microsoft for games in general.

        As for 1080p 60fps games, the PS4 has far more of them. They don’t look like PS2 games like Fartza 5 does.

  2. This was a small event what wasn’t hyped by Sony. We can’t expect them to host a press conference with 20 new games every month.

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