Report: Former Visceral Star Wars Game Cancelled, Smaller Title Releasing Next Year

Back in October 2017, EA announced the unfortunate news of the closure of Visceral Studios and the refocusing of their Star Wars project, with EA Vancouver taking over as the new lead to transform the title.

EA has remained radio silent regarding this project since that time, and now Kotaku is reporting that the project has been fully shut down. The piece mentions that the title was set to be fairly different from Visceral’s original vision, focusing on a bounty hunter exploring open planets across the Star Wars universe. Due to the ambition of this project, EA reportedly cancelled it in favor of a smaller-scale Star Wars title with a projected release window of late 2020, creating an annual release schedule of Star Wars releases as long as Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hits its Fall 2019 release window. Reportedly, no layoffs occurred as part of this project cancellation.

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