Report: Ubisoft Developing Mario and Rabbids Crossover RPG for Switch

In one of the stranger potential crossovers in recent memory, Nintendo and Ubisoft may have teamed up to create a Mario and Raving Rabbids turn-based RPG for the Nintendo Switch, per a report.

According to Let’s Play Video Games, this RPG currently has the working title of “Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids”, and will center on the maniacal bunnies invading the Mushroom Kingdom. The turn-based combat is rumored to be similar to another Nintendo series, Fire Emblem, and will feature minor characters from across various Mario games as party members. While this, like most gaming rumors, should be taken with a grain of salt, this pairing of franchises does seem odd enough to not only be plausible, but potentially an intriguing final game as well.

The report also states that the title is currently planned to release on the launch date of the Nintendo Switch, which is currently unknown. More will be revealed on Nintendo’s latest console on January 12 ahead of a supposed Spring launch. For more on the launch day and future titles of the Nintendo Switch, make sure to keep it here on Hardcore Gamer.