Republique Quietly Appears, Disappears From Nintendo’s Site

In a rare slip-up, Nintendo may have itself leaked an upcoming game before its announcement. Per GameRant, the once-iOS-only episodic game Republique, which has since enjoyed broader release on other platforms, may be coming to Nintendo Switch. Reports of a page for the game showing up on Nintendo’s site have fueled the speculation, with the listing reporting a February 25 release date and a $9.99 price. Though the page has since been taken down, it seems unlikely Nintendo would have created it if it was inauthentic.

Republique, which started as a successful Kickstarter campaign that promised a good game for the mobile platform, is billed as an action-adventure stealth game. In it, players control both security cameras and the main character, Hope, who is a young girl navigating a surveillance-heavy dystopian world.

Given the game’s indie mobile origins back in 2013, a Switch release seems not only natural, but perhaps even long-overdue. Of course, this is only a rumor, so although, given the source, it seems likely it will be released, but there is always the chance that it never amounts to anything. Never mind the man behind the curtain!

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