Resident Evil 6 Will Have Over Four Hours of Cinematics

In a recent filling by the British Board of Film Classification, fans were able to spot a specific detail that made them jump. The cinematics in Resident Evil 6 will apparently have a span of over two full length feature films. The board listed that there will be 255 minutes (4 hours and 15 minutes for anyone who doesn’t want to do the math) of cinematic goodness featured in Capcom’s upcoming title. This definitely boosts the likeliness of Capcom’s claim that the game will be 2-3 times larger than Resident Evil 5.

That’s nearly half the cimenatics in contrast to Metal Gear Solid 4 which clocked in at nine hours, five minutes and 47 seconds. In comparison to the last iteration into the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 6 nearly quadruples that of Resident Evil 5, which only clocked in at just over 65 minutes. Now the question is, how many hours will be quick time events? This will certainly be Capcom’s biggest and most expensive product to date.