Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising 4 All Underperform in Sales

Capcom’s latest financial results for 2017 have revealed that the latest entry in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7, has now reached Worldwide sales of 3.5 million copies across all platforms, despite this still falling short of Capcom’s pre-release forecast of 4 million units sold. Another notable release in the series that found its way into retail this year too, via Resident Evil 6 for PS4 & Xbox One, was also confirmed for having shipped 1.5 million copies alongside.

In general, a lot of Capcom’s more recently released titles so far were also confirmed to have undersold with the likes of Monster Hunter Stories — though currently only available in Japan with a release expected in the West this fall — and even Dead Rising 4 failing to meet their expected forecasts respectively. Nevertheless, the company has stated that Resident Evil 7 had an “overall solid performance” with sales of Monster Hunter XX “off to a promising start”.

Regarding the company’s future investments, while there was talk of VR and continuing to expand IP’s like Resident Evil & Street Fighter out of the convention of mere video game releases, there was no clear-cut information as to how Capcom would approach the Nintendo Switch — simply noting the console’s recent release of March this year. If you’ll remember, Capcom have been one of the few AAA developers/publishers to speak out in regards to supporting the console, albeit in very vague terms.