Respawn Announces New Star Wars Game

Respawn posted a surprising announcement today – the Titanfall devs will be taking a crack at Star Wars thanks to their partnership with EA, and the latter’s deal with Lucasfilm.┬áStig Asmussen stated that they’re looking forward to making a Star Wars game and he’s been playing them his whole life. Titanfall is brought up as providing larger than life action, and it’s quite possible that we’ll see a Star Wars game made using that engine. Many fans were wondering why they wouldn’t have Force Awakens DLC all over the place for Battlefront, but this announcement certainly helps shed some light on that.

Why throw all of that into one game when you can spread it out over two? While this will be a third-person and not first-person adventure, if they retain the fast-moving mechanics of Titanfall and repurpose them for the Star Wars universe, we should wind up with the game that many wanted Battlefront’s reboot to be. It would be tough to master, but fun to learn and operate at a breakneck speed that allow things like speeder bike chases and/or space dogfights to work better than they ever have in a game. With so little concrete information to go on, it’s fun to brainstorm and think of ways in which Titanfall-style gameplay could work for that franchise. With E3 coming up, hopefully more information is revealed at that event so everyone can gain some real insight into this new era for Star Wars games.