Respawn Entertainment Adds Black Market Store To Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment has added a new way to get Burn Cards and Titan Insignias.  The latest update introduces the Black Market, a marketplace to purchase brand new insignias and Burn Packs.  It also introduces Credits as an in-game currency, but don’t you worry.  There are still no micro-transactions coming to Titanfall.

Credits are awarded for completing challenges within the game, and not by you forking out any real world money.  These credits are then spent on Burn Card packs and special Titan Insignias.  The prices per item appear to be reasonable with the amount of credits you earn by completing tasks.  Here are all the ways you can earn Credits in-game:

  • Match Victory
  • Match Completion
  • First Victory of the Day
  • Completing Daily Challenges
  • Selling Burn Cards
  • At level 50, a percentage of the XP you earn will be converted into Credits

You can access the Black Market starting at Level 11, and can be accessed in the middle of a match if you need it.  Respawn is looking into adding future items to the Black Market, but can’t comment on it at this time.  The update is out sometime in the near future.