Retro Fighters Releases Bluetooth Defender Controller for PS3, PS4, PC

Retro Fighters has made some fantastic controllers over the years – with their new Brawler64 being a real game-changer for me with N64 NSO playback. Now, they’re set to release a new controller in March that aims to make PS3 and PS4 owners happy with a more Xbox-style setup with the Bluetooth-capable Defender. It offers a PlayStation-style start and select button setup alongside the face buttons, while the triggers look more like Xbox-style triggers.

For PS3 owners, this should be a lot more comfortable and those who enjoy sixaxis gameplay for games like Flower on both consoles, or who enjoy gyro in some of the rare PS4 games that use it like Paladins. PS3 and PS4 playback is wireless, but PC playback is limited to wired-only. This pad does come with turbo, so if you’re like me and you love using these for brawlers or games with constant button-presses like farming games to get single tasks done, it is a great pickup for that purpose. It’s available now for $49.99 and multi-month payments are possible as well.