Retroblox Becomes Polymega Console

Nearly two months ago, a new company called Retroblox emerged on the scene with an interesting concept – a modular retro gaming device. Thanks to its modular design, it promised to enable playback of several classic consoles using different swappable parts. Today, it was rechristened the Polymega – along with a revamped color scheme. The launch window is set to support the NES, SNES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx 16. On the CD side of things, players can expect playback for Sega CD, TurboGrafx CD, and PlayStation games. The Polymega will come bundled with a Bluetooth controller that blends a bit of the PlayStation design with an Xbox-style face button layout. The d-pad goes for a classic cross look, while the sticks are on a center console along with a home button. Start and select buttons are featured – but strangely smaller than the turbo and clear buttons. They’re also placed right next to the d-pad and face buttons respectively, making the right hand-side start button especially easy to accidentally hit.

It appears to have bumpers and trigger buttons as well, but a good view of their shape hasn’t been shown off yet. You can also use the original controllers for the consoles if you so desire – so this is merely a wireless option in a world with perfect wired options also available. Polymega will also allow you to archive games digitally and allow for livestreaming while you play. It isn’t known if this will only extend to cartridges, or if ROMs could be used as well. There’s no release window or launch price announced just yet – but we’ll keep an eye on the Polymega as its release draws near.