RetroTINK-2X Pro Now Available to Play Retro Systems on Modern TVs

Classic video games are as fun now as they ever were, but playing retro consoles can be a bit challenging. If you don’t have a CRT or specialized cables or converters, many retro systems simply won’t output on a new TV set. There are many solutions to the problem, and the latest option is the RetroTINK-2X Pro Multiformat.

This is the newest version of the RetroTINK-2X line-doubler. What this does is convert the console’s original signal into a format which modern TVs can display (with minimal latency). It takes composite, component and  S-video connections and outputs them all via HDMI.

The Multiformat’s biggest perk is it finally accepts 480p pass-through. However, some features, such as smoothing from the prior RetroTINK-2X Pro is not present. Many suggest that RetroTINK-2X Pro Multiformat is best for playing 3D games which benefit from bilinear filtering. If you’re playing lots of pixel art games, then stick with the RetroTINK-2X Pro. It’s available via RetroTINK directly for the price of $129.99.

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