Rhythm and Fighting Games Collide in Modus Games’ God of Rock

Today in the category of “How did we never think of a combo of these two genres until now?” we have God of Rock, a blend of rhythm and fighting games coming to us from Modus Games and their internal Modus Studios development team the was unveiled during today’s Gamescom 2022 edition of the Future Games Show. True, we’ve had rhythm games where characters can attack one another for decades now, but as seen in its announcement trailer below, this is a title that really commits to being a full-on fighting game as well, both in appearances and gameplay, and makes quite the impact in the process.

Centered around the soul’s of the universe’s greatest musicians being revived by the titular God of Rock in order to fight for his entertainment, the game sees you playing as one of twelve unique characters, each with their own attacks and mechanics, as they duke it out across forty songs and eight stages. While main attacks are delivered by keeping the beat to the tunes that become increasingly complex, players also have supers, special moves, and EX moves, which in turn require defenses and reversals in order to counter, on top of additional challenges. It looks like a unique little blast, so keep your eyes out for God of Rock when it arrives on all major platforms this winter.