Rhythm Game ‘Radiohammer’ Available for 3DS

Aksys Games, Arc System Works and Vinyl Labs collaborated to drop sick beats with its new rhythmic combat game, Radiohammer. You play as famous disc jockeys using the powers of love and music to lay the beat down on some bad guys.

In order to keep the world safe, you’ll need to time your attacks during battle. There’s a couple of characters to choose from in Radiohammer; July Ann, MC Wayne and Simply Lita. There’s also a special guest to choose, Celia from Chaos Code, another one of Arc System Works’ titles. These DJ heroes bash all sorts of enemies from zombies to aliens and perverts to big bosses, they’ll shred them all.

There are a few different modes to play in Radiohammer. Head through Story Mode to learn more about each character or hit up Track Play Mode to test your skills completing certain missions. If you feel like taking on a real challenge there’s Otherworld Mode which speeds up the entire game which has everything happening much quicker and with more intensity.

The music is a key player, through each level and will keep you bobbing and jiving. Radiohammer is available now on the Nintendo 3DS eshop for $5.99. Check out a few screenshots and get down to funk up everything with your hammer.