Rico Rodriguez Goes from Freedom Fighter to Demon Hunter in Los Demonios DLC

Rico Rodriguez is a man of many talents. He’s a top-tier driver and pilot; he’s a master of explosive ordinance, and he’s second-to-none as an all-around freedom fighter. It turns out that these don’t encompass his entire skillset though. In fact, Rico is also an expert demon hunter of the highest caliber. It’s a good thing too, because the Los Demonios expansion is bringing a demon invasion to the island of Solis.

Few details have been released thus far, but a couple of assumptions can be made based on this trailer. The first is that players will have a new kind of environment to fight in. These demons like to be of the sort that corrupts their surroundings, so it’s likely Rico is in for a few surprises upon entering their territory. It also looks like Los Demonios will be providing players with at least a couple of new weapons to play around with. They appear to be made for killing monsters, so hopefully they’ll offer something beyond a bigger boom.

Los Demonios comes to Just Cause 4 on June 26 for all Gold Edition and Expansion Pass owners. Everyone else will gain access on July 3. If this all sounds interesting, please be sure to check out our Just Cause 4 review.