RIDE 4 Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Milestone has announced that RIDE 4, while announced a while back for current generation consoles, is also getting the next-gen treatment. Launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on January 21, 2021, players who purchase the current-gen version will be able to upgrade to their next gen brothers for free. This can be claimed up to April 30, 2021. The next-gen titles will run at 4K resolution at 60 FPS and allow 20 racers on the track at once with higher quality textures and overall visuals. The PS5 DualSense controller will allow for haptic feedback to feel vibrations like riders would on the streets. It also allows for brake pressure and gas resistance to further generate the feel of the real thing. Shorter load times and extremely fast transfer of textures will allow Milestone to show off a lot of detail at high speed on PS5.

In RIDE 4, Milestone teamed up with two of the most iconic brands of the motor world, Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone. Yamaha Motor, Milestone’s main partner for RIDE 4, will be also featured on the Steelbook of the boxed RIDE 4 Special Edition, dedicated to the iconic Yamaha R1 2020 that will also allow access to the Season Pass.

Paolo Pavesio, Marketing and Motorsport Director, Yamaha Motor Europe commented: “with Milestone and RIDE 4 we have taken great steps not only towards our fans and customers but towards the motorcycle lovers as a whole. For us as a company is important to nurture the passion and open our family to all those whose hearts rev together with ours, using on-line experience as an entry door to “real” motorcycle or either to stretch the off-line experience to moments when you have to stay at home. At the end, it is simply a different expression of the same emotion, therefore it is no coincidence that Yamaha is among the pioneers of the eSports world, injecting our signature racing DNA. In this important year when we are celebrating 65th anniversary, we have chosen Milestone – a partner that shares our values and vision of innovation and adrenaline – in order to ‘bring the game to the next level’ and proof that on one side we are proud of our heritage, but on the other we are looking forward to the next 65 years… at least! To be honest, I cannot wait to get soon a copy of RIDE 4 in my console…”.

As a global leader in mobility solutions, Bridgestone has always embraced the spirit of the true riders, supporting them with its products and technology, whether they are travelling with their bike, enjoying a beautiful scenery or racing at 300 km/h on a track”,  commented Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle Business at Bridgestone EMIA. This partnership with Milestone and RIDE 4, gives us the opportunity to get even closer with this passionate community, letting them experience our vast portfolio of premium motorcycle tyres even when they are competing online or simply relaxing with a ride in the virtual world”.  

RIDE 4 digital pre-orders are now available for the Standard Edition on PS4 and Xbox One. Players will get a Bonus Pack with 2 iconic bikes, 5 new events and 1 additional achievement/trophy, while the Special Edition pre-order Bonus Pack will, contain 4 iconic bikes, 10 new events, 2 additional achievements/trophies and 3-days early access before launch. On Steam, the pre-order Bonus will guarantee a 10% discount on the game price, 2 iconic bikes, 5 new events and 1 additional achievement. The current generation edition of RIDE 4 will launch on October 8.