Riot is looking for Playtesters

Do you sink countless hours into League of Legends? Do you want to work at Riot Games playing the game? Well now is your chance.

Riot has made a post looking for people to playtest League of Legends so they can┬áprovide actionable and objective feedback to the game’s designers. They need highly talented and passionate people to help them out and while you may love the game there is an elo requirement amongst other things the group is looking for:

  • Currently ranked Diamond+
  • Able to analyze and break down League of Legends at a very high level
  • Ability to state your point concisely and generate critical feedback
  • Understand and communicate the root cause of the problem

If you think you’ve got what it takes here’s the link to apply. Just a heads up, it’s not an easy gig. You have to really love the game and breaking it down at a high level. Points already made, but when read twice make you think. Good luck!