Riot is ‘Retiring’ Dominion

League of Legends is entering its sixth season and with that comes a lot of change. Riot has already changed the way most players will play competitively with its new dynamic queue and taken out Team Builder which was the love of a lot of people looking to play a specific champion or role casually. Now, they’ve taken out another “beloved” game mode called Dominion.

A completely different queue in itself, Dominion forced players to fight early and hold bases to win. This, however, was not appealing to the main audience of League of Legends. In their post Riot says that a dismal .5 percent of people playing the game played Dominion and because the group was so small the game mode never received the support it needed.

Now it’s overstayed its welcome and financially would become more of a hindrance to maintain. So, the only other alternative was to get rid of it all together. For those that were hardcore fans of the mode you’ll be receiving a summoner icon if you’ve won over 100 games. If you’re not quite at that mark you have until February 22 to get there as that’s when the game mode and map will be completely removed.

For more information about the removal of Dominion or to express your disappointment with the decision you can go here.