Riot’s Competitive Ruling on Felipe “YoDa” Noronha

With MSI less than a day away one player took to twitter to spread racial epithets about Japanese players.

Felipe “YoDa” Noronha is a sub mid laner for Red Canids, Brazil’s home team during the festivities, and thought the day before his team fights for their chance to go to the main stage of MSI that he’d share his world view of another race.

Translated by Reddit user clayitinho, Noronha used the phrase, “Ja passei gritando Flango no quarto de hotel dos japoronga aqui e BR full trab flw” which translates to, “I’ve been screaming Chicken in the hotel room of the japoronga here and BR full work flw.” While that may not mean much to us who aren’t Brazilian it is pretty racist to the members of the country. Japoronga is a common racist term used by Brazilians towards Japanese people and flango is actually frango, but Noronha went the racist route again and mocked the Japanese and their ability to pronounce r’s.

So, his punishment will be a 3 game suspension and $2,000 fine for the incident. This punishment will be enforced during the major international tournament and could have major effects on the team Red Canids. Noronha is actually mentioned as the player to watch on Lolesport’s page about the teams at MSI. You can check out his profile and the other teams here.