Risk of Rain 2 Gets an Action-Packed Teaser Trailer

Risk of Rain was a huge indie hit, but when its sequel was announced last year, it appeared to be taking a gamble. A shift from 2D pixel side-scrolling to full 3D? Would that even work with a game such as this? Well, if the first teaser trailer seen below is any indication, then the answer may be a resounding yes. Set to appear later at PAX West, Risk of Rain 2 appears to definitely have all of the original’s insanity.

Taking players back to the crash site of the Contact Light, our hero finds themselves having to explore an alien land again. And said exploring will indeed involve highly intense battles with a variety of alien creatures. The clip also provides a peek at the various armor and weapons available, along with an attractive art style.  And of course, the randomized encounters and roguelike elements are still around. No platforms or a release window have been announced for Risk of Rain 2 yet, but expect more details soon.