Risk of Rain Releasing Tomorrow from Limited Run Games

After a crazy April it’s been a relatively quiet month for Limited Run Games, with two Mutant Mudds back on May 12 being the only releases so far.  After a combo of Ray Gigant and DariusBurst it was nice to have a low-key month, but it’s time to get back up to speed starting with Risk of Rain.  It’s a single release with both PS4 and Vita versions, 4,000 copies apiece, and while the game has a solid fan-base these seem like good numbers for the print run so (in theory) this should be a relatively easy one to get.  Not at 10AM EST, of course, because if there’s one thing that the last year+ has shown it’s that the first release goes fast, but 6PM EST seems likely to have an availability window that could measure into double-digit minutes.  Maybe triple-digit if we’re lucky, but it’s probably best not to count on that.

Risk of Rain is a great little side-scrolling action/shooter roguelike that’s a perfect candidate for the Limited Run treatment (and the sequel is looking pretty sharp), so if it’s on your list then set an alarm, plan a work break, or do whatever may be necessary to get a little spare time Friday morning or evening to snag a copy.  And if you’re really in the mood to snag a nice extra musical collectible, the two-disc colored vinyl soundtrack album has 450 copies for those capable of lightning-fast ordering.