E3 2019: Riverbond Surprise-Launches on All Platforms

It’s a peaceful world made of tiny cubes, or at least it was until the Eldra Spirit went missing.  Now things are unpleasantly chaotic, with the various critters of the land going rogue and causing havoc for those trying to keep it together.  The only hope is for a hero to smack them down, either solo or with up to three friends, tearing through the levels and shattering enemies and props into their component cubelets.  Riverbond is a hack & slash (and shoot) adventure where almost everything is destructible, and it just launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

The game is a Gauntlet-style arcade quest through eight different worlds, each with its own enemies plus unique weapons and character skins to chase after.  Each world is a series of voxelized levels where you need to chase after a goal, whether it be to freeing puppies, destroying all monsters, collecting gold, etc.  Basically the objective is simply something to keep an eye out for while killing monsters, preferably with friends but not required.  Each map also has a number of treasure chests kicking around, holding different weapons or character skins.  The starting blue-armored bunny is a nice player character but why not be a monkey head instead?  Or The Kid from Bastion, for that matter?  It doesn’t change attack power but seeing Raz from Psychonauts take on a level or two is always fun.

Riverbond is available effective immediately, so grab a friend or two and show those levels what voxel-shatter is all about.

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