Road Redemption: Revengers Assemble DLC Hits Steam

Road Redemption has been by far the best Road Rash-esque game released since the last entry in that series nearly two decades ago. It first hit early access a few years ago before getting a finalized release in late 2018. Now, nearly a year and a half later, we’ve got some DLC for it in the form of the Revengers Assemble content pack. The content is only $4 thanks to a 20% off launch discount, and offers up three new racers alongside an endless mode. New riders include Admiral Uganda, who uses a giant shield to deflect attacks and it can be thrown to attack enemies.

Theranos uses a gauntlet and can turn enemies to dust with a snap of his fingers – but that can also turn him to dust. Finally, there’s the PC Master Race Rider, who loses speed when the framerate drops below 60 FPS and features a buff for nitro when you have a higher resolution, while higher graphics settings allow for more damage. It’s certainly a unique set of DLC, and a pretty good value overall given how differently each character plays. The core game is on sale for $7.99, and you can get the Super Support’s Edition with a slew of extra content including a prototype version for $17.11, while a version without a developer commentary can be yours for $13.64 with other things like the artbook still included. These super-low prices are good through February 10, so if you’ve wanted a Road Rash-like game, definitely give it a go – it’s a top-shelf game overall even with a few rough edges.

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