Robust Livery, Basement Customization Features Shown for Hot Wheels Unleashed

Fans looking forward to Hot Wheels Unleashed already knew that they would be able to pilot many of the classic toy cars, but today they learned that it doesn’t end there. Thanks to the newly revealed “Livery Editor,” players will also be able to put their own personal spin on their favorite ride. Using a variety of shapes and colors, racers can do a lot to stand out on the track, and they’ll even be able to share their creations with the community. Of course, it’s also possible to download  and use one’s favorite community designs as well.

Players are also able to customize their “Basement” to some degree too, being able to choose how furniture and other accessories appear in the space. Naturally, if a track is built in the Basement and other players are invited to race on it, they’ll also be able to enjoy all the hosts design choices. Between these and the Track Editor feature, Hot Wheels Unleashed players might just have everything they need to craft a racing experience darn close to the one shown in those old commercials.

Hot Wheels Unleashed launches on September 30 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Switch.

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