Rocket League Getting Improvements on Switch Alongside Tournament Release

Tournaments were announced as coming to Rocket League earlier this month, but what wasn’t known was what Switch owners would be able to look forward to alongside it. Today, it was announced that not only will April 3 mark the release of tournaments across all versions of the game – but Switch users will have more graphical options available. The default “Performance” setting is what the game can currently run at, and that means you can get 1024×576 in handheld mode or 1280×720 docked.

Following the update, the handheld mode will be able to run at 1280×720 while the docked version can hit 1664×936. The Performance setting will allow you to hit 60 FPS at all times, while going for the new “Quality” setting caps the framerate at 30, but get it to new heights of 1080p as well. This new setting also brings with it different effects, like lens flares and depth of field. Video capture will be coming to the game, and is enabled by holding down the capture button, which will save the last 30 seconds of footage.