Rocket League Goes Totally Retro with Radical Summer Event

Summer is many things to many people. For the more nostalgically-inclined though, nothing embodies summer quite like the 1980’s. They were the age of summer blockbusters, California beach culture and loud fashion statements. Even now, the allure of the 80’s is hard to resist, and it seems Psyonix has succumbed to it this year. For the next three months, Rocket League will be celebrating the glory of the 80’s in a brand new event dubbed “Radical Summer.”

Starting on June 10, the Radical Summer event will bring an impressive amount of new content to Rocket League, including iconic cars, new cosmetics and three limited-time game modes. The most interesting of the new vehicles will be saved for the Ghostbusters and Knight Rider car packs, but it looks like players will also have the opportunity to earn a few in game as well. Cosmetics include car toppers, boost effects and decals, while the new modes will all focus around interesting gimmicks.

Ghost Hunt will task players with capturing the ball and bringing it to their trap; Spike Rush allows players to stick the ball to their car instead of just knocking it around, and Beach Ball is basically just the normal game with a bigger and bouncier ball. Each moth of the Radical Summer event will focus on a particular subset of 80’s nostalgia, with June focusing primarily on blockbuster movies from the time. Afterwards, the first half of July will bring a bit more retro culture to the game, while the latter half will be all about classic television. Epic may have acquired Rocket League’s developer, but at least they’re not interfering with Psyonix’s fun and goofy style of supporting their game.

Rocket League is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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