Rogue Souls Bundle Hits Fanatical

A new bundle has hit Fanatical focusing on games that blend rogue-like and souls-like gameplay. This bundle offers up six games for only $7.99, and includes Shattered, Intravaneous, Elderborn, Rising Health, Neverinth, and the remarkable Wayward Souls. There is a mix of 2D, 3D, and even overhead action games here that challenge the player. Shattered offers 3D action, while Intravenous is an overhead stealth game that uses light more akin to Splinter Cell – but with a different perspective to work with.

Elderborn is a first-person hack and slash game with timing-heavy gameplay, while Rising Hell is a 2D side-scroller with timing-centric action and a procedurally generated vertical world to try and escape. Neverinth is a third-person adventure with a puzzle-heavy nature, while Wayward Souls is low-key one of the best Souls-like games I’ve played. It’s incredibly user-friendly with its design but keeps the difficulty in check with tougher bosses.  It’s a fantastic game for anyone who ever wanted what a Souls-like overhead Zelda game would be like and offers up a pretty quick pace for a Souls-like. I have loved this game since I sideloaded it on my OUYA many years ago, but it’s also been playable on Fire TV devices for many years as well.

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