Beat-‘Em-Up Game Tunche Announces Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

Tunche is a title that you may have seen included in the occasional indie game-related event, but now it’s really going to have a chance to shine next year. During the Kinda Funny Games Showcase earlier today, it was announced that a Kickstarter campaign for the title would begin in January. While the game is nearing completion and has support from publishers HypeTrain Digital, it still needs one last push. So now developers LEAP Game Studios are set to begin crowdfunding, and if the new trailer below is any indication, there’s a good chance Tunche will have a successful campaign.

Set in the Amazon, Tunche is a beat-’em-up with a story drawing inspiration from Peruvian folklore. Up to four players will utilize hand-to-hand combat and voodoo witchcraft to fight off waves of supernatural enemies, with roguelike elements guaranteeing a unique experience with each session. Between its fast-paced action and hand-drawn artwork, Tunche definitely seems to have what it takes to be an amazing brawler. In addition, a free standalone version of the game, Tunche: Arena was also announced. While it won’t have every feature the full game has, it will allow players to familiarize themselves with the combat. Tunche’s Kickstarter campaign begins on January 14, so keep your eyes out for it.