Roguelike Platformer Skul: The Hero Slayer Teases Launch Content

Okay, we’re not entirely sure how Skul: The Hero Slayer flew under our radar. The pixel-art roguelike platformer entered Early Access earlier this year in February and quickly garnered a ton of positive reception from loads of players, so how we missed it is a slight mystery indeed. But after seeing Game Director Sangwoo Park from developer SouthPAW Games show off a bit of what Skul has in store for the finished product later this year, you can certainly bet that it’s definitely on our radar now.

After an introduction recapping how our skeletal hero is the lone survivor of an attack from the Imperial Army that’s setting out to rid the land of all demons, we then get a little gameplay montage showing off all the skills Skul will use in their journey to free the other demons, assisted by new abilities gained via swapping skulls. Then we get a glimpse of the game’s fourth chapter (one of two to be added), “Ramparts of Fate,” where Skul will face off against an army of religious zealots before they get a chance to finally defeat the First Hero that led the initial charge. Following is a look at some new powers and a new upgrade system for skulls, finishing with a thank-you and the promise of post-launch content and continued support (not shown, though, are new allies and an overhaul for the game’s Adventurers).

Currently, Skul: The Hero Slayer is looking at a December launch window when it comes to a full release (with a publishing assist from NEOWIZ), meaning current fans of the game will have something extra to look forward to this holiday season. Switch, XB1, and PS4 versions will also arrive in early 2021, though, so console owners certainly won’t be left out as well.

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