Rolled Out! Hits IndieGogo to Offer Monkey Ball-Style Action

The Super Monkey Ball series has been dormant since its early Vita release and as a result, fans have been left starving. In the heyday of the series, you at least had a lot of games aping its style in mini-games to help scratch that itch. Now though, there’s nothing – until Rolled Out! This just hit IndieGogo and comes from a team of indie devs who grew up loving the Monkey Ball games and have even designed some ROM hacks for the GC games. Instead of monkeys in balls, you now get all manner of animal in them – so if you don’t like monkeys and enjoy other types of animals, you’ll be in heaven.

The devs are crafting the game using GameCube pads to ensure things feel as natural as they did for the original series. They found that in creating hacks, the tools just didn’t let them make what they wanted – so it was better in the short and long-term to make their own game. At a bare minimum, the game is still set to see a release if the game doesn’t reach its funding goal – which is nice. The funds will enable them to do things like add online functionality, include level creation tools and maybe even some party games too. They definitely appear to have their hearts in the right place and all of the footage shown so far looks promising. For only $10, you will get a Steam key – so right there, it’s a great deal overall. Paying $20 isn’t bad either and gets you beta access too.