Romantic Comedy Puzzle-RPG Dandy Dungeon Launches onto Steam

There’s a time and place for everything but launching on Steam on Thanksgiving in the middle of the Autumn Sale may not be it.  Even so, one of the best games of 2019 wandered from Switch to PC yesterday with the release of the Steam version of Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada.  The dungeon-crawling puzzle/RPG tells the story of Yamada, a developer working at a company he hates creating things he doesn’t care about, until one day he starts a project of his own.  Despite never leaving his apartment after this things get rapidly out of hand, with the outside world continually dropping by and the walls between game and reality getting thinner by the day.  Every event gets incorporated into Yamada’s game in one way or another, until eventually the initial simple dungeons have a huge amount of variables to contend with.  The base goal is always the same, though- Yamada starts on a tile in a five by five dungeon and you draw a path to the exit, attempting to hit every tile along the way no matter what it may hold.  Combat is automatic, although you can directly intervene with spells and items, and Yamada powers up with new weapons and armor found throughout the dungeons.  For a more thorough look here’s the review, but the short version is the game is excellent.

Dandy Dungeon launched yesterday, complete with the new trailer below.  If this isn’t quite enough to be enticing, though, the sequel is on the way and will be a free add-on DLC to the original game when it hits.