Root Double Kickstarter Adds a Cheaper Vita Tier

The tongue-twisting visual novel Root Double -Before Crime *After Days- Xtend Edition has been on Kickstarter for nearly a month now. Right now, it’s sitting at around 70% funded with eight days to go.

Over the weekend, Sekai Project endeavored to get more attention by finally adding a much-requested Vita port. The trouble was that it was only available at the $225 tier and above (for various business reasons).

Due to the immense reaction begging for a cheaper release, they’ve added a new $99 tier. This digital-only tier features a copy of Root Double for Vita and Steam.

It’s important to note that the publisher have yet to make good on any of their previous Kickstarter Vita promises so far, ensuring that Root Double on Vita is a year away at minimum (after PC launch).