Root Double Kickstarter Finally Adds a Collector’s Edition and Even More Tiers

Things have been going really well for Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition’s Kickstarter lately. Where once it had seemed that the project might not attain its goal, it is now sitting at just $10,000 away from $135,000.

Sekai Project have been keeping people interested in pledging thanks to a lot of late-game updates, such as Vita tiers. More recently, they added a much-desired collector’s edition for $125. This grants players a physical and Steam version of the game as well as other bonuses from the tier such as a steel mug.

They’ve also added an all digital tier for $115 which includes a Steam and Vita copy of Root Double as well as a digital soundtrack. For rich visual novel fans, $1500 will net you an original proposal draft of Root Double signed by Nakazawa.

Root Double has 3 more days left on its Kickstarter campaign.