Activision Issuing Copyright Strikes for Advanced Warfare Glitch Videos?

Though Activision has been reaping the positive praise from their newest entry in the Call of Duty series, Advanced Warfare, they have earned some negative reception regarding some Share Play features on PS4. However, a bigger problem seems to have arisen.

Popular Youtube channel and Machinima partner BroTeamPill recently tweeted about Activision cracking down on Advanced Warfare videos featuring glitches. BroTeamPill claims that videos will be flagged for copyright, with a screencap from a Machinima email detailing it further.


BroTeamPill has also had tense relations with Machinima over the last few days, detailing his firing from being their partner in the next few days.

Could this be true? Is Activision trying to censor glitches in their game? Stay with Hardcore Gamer as this story develops.