Amazon Aiming to Buy Twitch?

In May, word hit the web that Google’s YouTube division was set to buy Twitch for a cool billion dollars. Much like the incredibly dragged-out sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, we actually haven’t heard much about this story since. Neither Google nor Twitch officially confirmed that a deal was made, likely indicating that some legal maneuvering was still taking place. According to The Information, Amazon has made a late push to acquire Twitch in a move that reinforces the massive corporation’s commitment to gaming.

Being that Amazon and Twitch have yet to comment on this story, this is still very much a rumor. The only way for Amazon to trump Google’s offer would be to increase the dollar amount or have a better plan for the streaming service.¬†To make another unnecessary sports analogy, this could be a similar to the Phoenix Suns’ failed late push to acquire Kevin Love, a move that was simply the product of a transaction taking an extended¬†amount of time. Amazon could simply be sniffing around a deal between Google and Twitch that has seemed to drag on for a while. Whether or not a deal with Amazon would be better or worse for Twitch as a service remains to be seen.