Developers Not Down with PlayStation ‘Neo’

Recently, rumors about the upgraded PS4.5 or PS4K or PS Neo or whatever it is have been ramping up and are beginning to look more and more real. The PS Neo is said to have a better CPU, GPU and more RAM, and should be able to output 4K video.

But reports have now begun to appear saying that developers are not too happy with the intermediary device. Colin Moriarty of Kinda Funny relayed on Twitter that multiple sources have told him that having two systems to develop for would only be a hindrance.


Reports from Eurogamer and Giantbomb have said that the new system will share all of its games with the original PlayStation 4, only improving on the performance and graphical fidelity when playing on the PS Neo. This would technically mean that developers will have to make two different versions of their games; one in 4K and one at 1080.