Dying Light Delayed?

According to a few websites, Dying Light may have been delayed.

There’s no official word yet, but it appears the delay is due to certain scenes that need to be changed because similarities to the “January attacks.” Due to the litany of attacks that happened around the world this month, that’s not a clear indicator of what’s going on, but Amazon France has changed the release date of the game to March 31 and gaming store fnac has changed it to February 27.

All of this seems suspect, however, as there hasn’t been a change to the January 27 release date listed on Dying Light’s homepage. That coupled with Youtube walkthroughs  mean this could be absolutely nothing at all, but is something to keep an eye on with the game set to release in less than two weeks.

As of right now, Dying Light is listed to release later this month on January 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[UPDATE 1/17 6 AM PST] Dying Light has been confirmed as delayed in France by Micromania. We’ll update as soon as a statement has been made.

[UPDATE 1/17 11 AM PST] Techland has confirmed that the physical release of Dying Light will be delayed in multiple regions. Head over here for more details.