GTA V is Coming To PC

Nearly 500 thousand people have signed the Grand Theft Auto V PC release petition, and it seems to have tugged at all the right strings — that, or the more likely situation is Rockstar intended on releasing a PC version all along.

Several online retailers have recently listed GTA V for the PC, and two have even included release dates. While it comes as no surprise that Rockstar would eventually release a PC version of their outrageously successful crime simulator, we’re excited nonetheless.

Gameseek lists the game with a release date of 22, November 2013, but states that the date is subject to change by the manufacturer. Zavvi, on the other hand, has the game listed with an 06, December 2013 release date, but states that the release date they have for Grand Theft Auto V is a “placeholder date, and will be updated when Rockstar confirm the Release date.” A GTA V PC listing has been spotted on the German Amazon site as well, but there is no release date posted.