Is ‘Fallout: Shadow of Boston’ the new Fallout game?

[Update] Another Fallout hoax. Good news, we know there will be a game. Bad news, this means nothing.

Fallout fans rejoice! All news is good news when it comes to the franchise and apparently the name “Fallout: Shadow of Boston” has been filed in the German Patent office by Bethesda Softworks.

Now, this could be a litany of things, like a new mobile game or some other random foray into the Fallout world, so we should try not to get our hopes up too much. Although it is about time for a new Fallout game.

This news does fall in line with the news we received last year about a new Fallout game being in the works, so it’s entirely possible that current-gen glitchy greatness is upon us, friends. Let’s hope we’re not woefully disappointed when it’s inevitably revealed.