It Looks Like Star Wars: Republic Commando is Releasing for Switch

Twitter user and data miner NWPlayer123 posted a surprising find today: Star Wars: Republic Commando has been uploaded to Nintendo’s servers as of yesterday (February 10). The upload likely means an imminent announcement and release. The tactical shooter, which will turn 15 on February 28, was released to general critical praise on the original Xbox and PC. Though no longer considered canon, many of its elements and characters have been picked up by the new Star Wars timeline, including the Delta Squad that the player is a member of.

Republic Commando is currently only available for purchase on Steam, where it sits at the bargain bin price of $10, so it’s possible the Switch version will be priced similarly. The listing for the game showed Aspyr, who have been responsible for several previous Star Wars releases for the system. For now, this is an unconfirmed rumor, but the mechanism of the leak means it stands a good chance of being true.