Microsoft Teasing New Game Announcement at Windows 10 Event?

Next week Microsoft will be holding a media briefing for Windows 10 and while operating systems aren’t exactly in our wheelhouse, we always hope that some sort of gaming news (even if it be on the technical side) is revealed or discussed at events like these. It looks like our wish might be fulfilled, as today Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) made a seemingly random smiley face tweet at new Twitter account @pcedf.

That new account then made its first tweet: the same smiley face. The account is called “be ready” and the account description is simply “soon.” This all seems to be teasing an upcoming game announcement that Major Nelson is in on.

What it is unclear is what the game could be. The only other hint is the Twitter’s banner image which can be seen below and seems to be a suit of armor.

We’ll follow the story and report back with any updates. The good news is that the media briefing will take place 9am on January 21, so we won’t have to wait long to find out.


[UPDATE 1/17] Major Nelson has issued the (somewhat confusing) following statement:

“Slow down folks…here is what happened.

@thevowel (who I work w/) tweeted this:

Then @pcedfeldt tweeted this as a response:

I tweeted “:)” since it would be funny if @thevowel could not remember my name (see above tweet)

but Tweetdeck (or my own stupidity) did not reply to that tweet thread.

AND thus this thread was spun up.

I removed that tweet and replied with proper context here…28331694657537

So that’s it. No hidden meaning here, there or anywhere.

Quick fact check: I never followed that account.”