New Left 4 Dead Revealed in Leaked Source 2 PowerPoint?

It shows you the power of Valve’s propriety engines that a leak for the next one is as big of a deal as a leak for a game. That’s exactly what’s happened today as a screenshot of a PowerPoint presentation has been leaked on NeoGAF that shows off not only the first glimpse of Valve’s Source 2.0 engine, but also seems to reveal a new Left 4 Dead.

About six slides are visible, each showing off an area from Left 4 Dead 2 either rebuilt or rendered in the Source 2.0 engine. It’s unclear if this is simply a presentation using Left 4 Dead as an example to show the power of the new engine, a reveal of a next-gen remake of Left 4 Dead 2, or something else entirely, but whatever it is, at the very least it shows that Left 4 Dead is a series that Valve still has plans for.

Check it out below: