PlayStation 4 Slim Rumors Abound


So now there’s a video unboxing of the console, and a demonstration of it working, and all the new features. It seems the DualShock 4 has been updated slightly, allowing you to see what color the light bar is blinking through a more see-through touchpad. The power button lights up blue, rather than the LED strip that’s on the PlayStation 4 we know today. Also, there is now a removable piece of plastic that covers the hard drive, which allows access for upgrading.

Our friend Shortman82 on Twitter also mentioned that the new Dualshock 4 still uses the same battery as the original.

See all these new features in action. And again, take this all with a grain of salt, as PlayStation has not said anything about the slimmed down console. If they do, expect it to be announced at the September 7 PlayStation Meeting.

The video itself is only available for download currently, so check that out here. I’ve downloaded it to my own computer, so I can confirm it is not a virus or anything.


A whole slew of new pictures regarding an updated, slimmed down version of the PlayStation 4 popped up today on Twitter. Shortman82 once again posted the pictures, this time claiming “It’s legit.” You can see his Twitter handle written on a piece of paper to show that he is the one who took the picture.

Pictures found on NeoGaf show the console out of the box, and side-by-side with a current PlayStation 4 to compare their sizes. The slimmed down version seems to be quite a bit smaller, with more rounded edges. Take a look for yourself.

PlayStation 4 Slim PlayStation Slim Bottom

PlayStation 4 Slim 2PlayStation 4 Slim Compare 1

PlayStation 4 Slim Compare 2PlayStation 4 Slim Compare 3

PlayStation 4 Slim Compare 4PlayStation 4 Slim Compare 5

It is still not confirmed, but if this is indeed a fake, Shortman82 put a lot of work into this scheme. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7.


A post on Twitter today sparked new rumors surrounding a slim version of the PlayStation 4. In the picture posted to various game enthusiasts’ accounts, a box is shown with what looks like a slimmer version of the PlayStation 4 with a 500GB hard drive and in Jet Black.

Shortman82, the Twitter user who posted the photos, said that he found them listed on his local classified websites as a PS4 Slim. “Guy runs a shop and saying it’s out in 3 weeks,” he told Sammy Barker via Twitter. Shortman82 also linked to an eBay site that is apparently selling the slimmed down console for 300 pounds. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this is the biggest piece of evidence we have gotten so far.

Check out the photos here:

PlayStation 4 Slim
PlayStation 4 Slim 2

PlayStation 4 Slim Back

PlayStation 4 Slim Bottom
So, you think it’s a fake? Or is it real and to be revealed at that PlayStation meeting alongside the Neo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.