PS4 Pro’s 4K Output is Upscaled, Not Native?

No question that one of the biggest selling points and main point driven home during Sony’s PlayStation meeting earlier today was the new PS4 Pro’s enhanced visuals and the promise of gaming at a 4K UHD level. Well it seems that promise of a 4K gaming experience may not be quite what it seems. According to a press release sent out moments after the conference by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a small footnote states that PS4 Pro’s “4K quality images” as described, will only be made possible by “graphic rendering or up-scaled” means — indicating that the console’s 4K visuals are not native.

This would not be the first time the industry has relied on upscaling to provide a means of (for example) 1080p visuals, with both the Xbox One and PS4 been proven to output native 720p and 900p resolutions for some titles. And coupled with the following statement of the PS4 Pro providing “faster or more stable frame rates” — along with a recent report that it would not be supporting 4K Blu-Ray — it would seem to suggest that Sony’s new iteration to their commercially-successful platform might not be the complete overhaul or upgrade onlookers and enthusiasts alike were hoping to find.

Another minor — if not uncommon — detail is that while the PS4 Pro will include a 1TB hard drive, this space will accommodate both games and the system’s necessary software meaning players will not get the stated allotment of disk space to download games and other software. The PS4 Pro will release November 10.