Reasons For Metroid Prime 4 Restart, Retro Studios’ Involvement Emerge

After hearing nothing about the game since its announcement at E3 2017, it was quite surprising to hear that Nintendo say Metroid Prime 4’s development would be starting from scratch under a new developer. To fans’ collective relief though, that new developer is the one responsible for Metroid Prime to begin with: Retro Studios. Nintendo didn’t offer any specifics regarding why they made this decision at the time, but at least a couple of new details have been brought to light in the past couple of days.

According to GameInformer’s Imran Khan, rumor is that the now cancelled version of Metroid Prime 4 was the victim of an experimental “ad-hoc” method of development within Nintendo, with different portions of the game being crafted by different teams around the world. One can surmise that poor communication was a primary problem that arose from this.

As for Retro Studios’ renewed involvement with the series, it seems they reached out to Nintendo with their own pitch for the game. Since they’ve been announced as the team heading up Metroid Prime 4’s development from here onward, it’s pretty safe to say that Nintendo liked their pitch. It’ll be a while before fans get to see what Retro is cooking up for Samus this time around, but chances are that it’ll be worth it; Nintendo seems to thinks so, at least.