Supermassive Games Working on “AAA” Next-Gen PlayStation Game

Supermassive Games have made great strides in the past few years. Founded in 2008, the England-based developer has worked exclusively on Sony titles, beginning with generic titles like “Start the Party”, before working their way up to Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and currently the highly-anticpated survival-horror PS3 game, Until Dawn. It looks like Supermassive may soon be making another leap forward, as Sunny Mody, a Level Integrator at the company, has listed in his job description that he “currently at Supermassive Games working on an unannounced ‘AAA’ game for a next generation Sony console.”

While short and vague, the key phrases “AAA” and “next-generation Sony console” are hard to refute, unless the Level Integrator is simply being brash.

The game is a mystery, but as the company has worked extensively with the PS move, ARG and Wonderbook, it could certainly be a release to show off whatever technology the next Sony console boasts.